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4 actors, 130 characters in 100 hilarious minutes - Based on the Hitchcock classic, our hero Richard Hannay must solve the 39 Steps to acquit himself of murder and save King & country! I say!
Criterion Theatre, PICCADILLY CIRCUS, W1 { MAP }

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* It was an amazing play with a great cast and i would definitely recommend the funny play to everyone i see. - Michael Farrell, Criterion Thearte * Thoroughly enjoyed the show. Brilliant Actors. How they played all the parts they played was so clever, would highly recommend. Well done everyone!! - elena crane, criterion theatre * We watched the 3 pmn Wednesday matinee yesterday The cast of 4 (and an arm!) pulled out all the stops. We have seen lots in the West End but this one is in the top 3 - we LOVED it. Marvellous crew - carry on! - deborah oxley, The Criterion, London * Came to London and saw a few shows during my holiday. This one was by the far the best! The clever improvisation, the sharp wit and the brilliant actors had me totally absorbed from start to finish. I am coming back to London (I live in Spain) in November and I plan to go and see it again. I have never laughed so much in my life! Well done to everyone involved for such a wonderful evening of excellent entertainment. PS Tried to find the stage door after to thank the actors personally- but it seems to be well hidden! - Helene Atterbury, London Criterion * a wonderful surprise from my son.. superb acting and really enjoyable, beautiful theatre -- thank you - - jean macdonald, criteriontheatre * Absolutely brilliant - some real belly laughs and giggle fits. Very clever and just the right amount of acknowledgement of the audience in terms of the in-jokes. Non-native speaking English may miss some of the inuendos and wit but there is enough there for everyone with a sense of humour. I would watch it again tomorrow if I went back to London. - Tony Ryan, Criterion, London * What an amazing play, would love to see it again, It always had me laughing, even on the way home, and even now, giggle giggle. - Lewis farrell-birtley, Criterion Theatre, oxford circus * Wonderful show!! I had seen it before in my country, but after seeing with the excellent cast at the Criterion I found it even more brilliant!! The 39 steps is unmissable!! - Carlos Lovera, Criterion theatre, London * OMG- it was awesome! Adam Lilley was so good, excellent acting skills and I really liked Greg Haiste's facial expression, especially as the Scottish woman at the hotel. <3 - Sonia Raja, Criterion * Absolutely wonderful, thrilling piece of comedy that excited and amazed. truly incredible talents and fantastic show. Fully recommend seeing it, fun for anyone who watches it - nick tovey, the criterion *
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